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“Arriving at Azot Studio Michael Chekhov and Meisner, I didn’t know what to expect, not knowing these two methods. The Azot Studio allowed me to discover them in a benevolent environment, which does not neglect a certain requirement. The two trainers Tarik and Emel are generous, attentive, passionate and thrilling. These workshops brought me a lot in my actress game and my approach to my work, giving me keys and precise tools. Ignorant of these methods there is still little, I could not do without it today !”

Anne Barrat

Actress - Musician-founding member of the Company

Un Zèbre sur le toit 



“It's during a traineeship at AZOT Studio, that I discovered the Meisner technique and that changed my vision of the acting game.The Meisner method, is taught there with a clever dose of benevolence, precision, of exigency and a biting humor so British ... I loved it !"

David Moatti



“After various trainings at the start, 20 years of theater and 500 scenes in the paws, I was happy to discover in kindness as much as the requirement, with Anastase, the Chekhov method that I didn’t know at all.

A joyfull and astonishing year of learning by the results it allows.

Year after which I mounted a monologue based essentially on this method.

It is practical, concrete and allows daily training even in small actions of daily life.

I highly recommend to the hesitant to be guided without questions, you will come out grown up in your game and even beyond, it is an apprenticeship that will take you and will necessarily be more than a parenthesis.

Nice discovery to you !”

Marie - Ambrym Rossignol


"For me, what is most accurate and most striking in this training is the balancing of roles between the actor and the actor director. At AZOT Studio, the actor is the second creator, just after the author. And the actor director is his first guide, his crazy guard, his blower, his inspirer but above all his servant in the noblest sense.

Emel and Tarik will never impose anything on us, but simply push us to express ourselves deeply, fully, and honestly. In contrast to many places where the actor depends on the mere subjectivity of the director.


This form of pedagogy pushes the actor to really know himself, the more he learns about him, the more he increases his playing potential as we always start from ourselves. For that, he must take the risk of assuming himself as he is.

Emel and Tarik have two different approaches because two different temperaments. But they aspire to the same benevolence, to the same precision.

Their job is to place us in front of a mirror, and say something like this: "Try to look good, without trying to change anything.

Start here and go where you want.”

Sylvain Manat


​​​“Welcome to the studio where you will learn not to play to "be true" Is not this what you ask to a comedian ?

Under the benevolent eyes of Tarik and Emel, we learn in a very playful and childish way to work on his body, to feel his emotions that seem unusual to us but that are well in the depths of us.

I am still discovering them but I see little by little the utility. By working on these methods (Meisner and Chekov), I see a real change in my acting, which gives me great self-confidence and makes the difference since in the castings. I highly recommend!”


Clément Lefrais

Actor - Musician - Author


“Atmosphere, psychological gestures, imaginary bodies, imaginary center, improvisations ...

This cycle at AZOT Studio with Sarah Kane is a "Chekhovian" laboratory filled with energy, feeling of ease and kindness.

We come out with many useful tools for acting.

Everyone takes what works for him in this unlimited method. Sarah is a listening pedagogue  and very experienced to make us explore again and again.”

Guillaume Cormont 



"Nicole Gaskell is so good at meisner technique that she managed to get the group engaged from the start.

She works on each student as if it was about herself.

Nicole taught me not to be ashamed of my sensitive and timid side. She also taught me the importance of being fully present and honest with myself.

With Nicole's meisner workshop I was able to overcome and manage better my worries on stage and in life in general.

I feel more liberated and more aware in every way. I highly recommend the AZOT Studio meisner workshop with Nicole."

John-David Ferreira

Dancer - Comedian - Yoga teacher

After a year of training in musical, I decided to deepen the theater that fascinates me. I was looking for a formation in which I wanted to feel that I touched real and deep things and where I feel that my acting game becomes more subtle. And Bingo. I stumbled upon the AZOT company, contacted Anastase and did a trial class. I felt comfortable very quickly and I was conquered by both methods. I am starting my 2nd year of training.

After only a year, I feel that I evolve very quickly, in a benevolent environment. The combination of Chekhov and Meisner techniques allowed me to grasp the very essence of acting : I like the way we work and in particular the way we approach the creation of a character, in Meisner or Chekhov. For me, these techniques are very complementary and allow me to develop not only as a multidisciplinary artist but also as a person. I feel that I still have a lot to learn, I feel myself growing up and I feel confident with Anastase as well as with the students of the company. I am very much assertive thanks to these courses this year. And that's really what I was looking for.

Finally, Anastase is a teacher who is really listening to his students and he was a real support for me this year as I was just starting out in the first castings. He knows how to make himself available and advise us on our professional challenges.

I really recommend the company Azot!”

Marion Morel



"A deep, intense and so enriching work, on the body and on ourselves, the exploration and development of the imagination, the research to be at the present moment and to listen to all that we’re surrounded by while being attentive to ourselves... And so many other things! The Chekhov and Meisner workshops of the AZOT Company bring us to (re) discover as an actor and also as a person. New horizons of play are opening up to us, some of whom we didn’t even know they exist !

These workshops are also a lot of passion, of desire to transmit, of sharing, of generosity, of pleasure ... And always an accompaniment, a listening and an unequaled commitment for each one from Anastase-Philippe Rouillé."

Pauline Marchal 



​​​"Real exploratory laboratory for actors and directors, Anastase-Philippe Rouillé's free workshop offers a deeper understanding of what is possible in the field of acting. Based on the work of the famous actor and drama professor Michael Chekhov, this workshop opens a whole universe based on the creative imagination of the actor and the director."

Alain Karpati 
Musician / composer - Storyteller - Actor - Author

"Finally a theater teacher who does not transmit his stress to his students. When we’re working with Anastase-Philippe Rouillé it is in the benevolence and the humility that we approach the fundamentals of acting, with method, precision, and it goes very far. The work that is proposed confronts each one to its limits and proposes to push them back with the help of concrete and playful tools. In the workshop, there is no obligation to succeed, everyone goes at their own rhythm with their abilities and difficulties. I have seen great improvements in my game on stage, it's encouraging and it opens me artistic perspectives."

Ronan Kernévez

Comedian and Director of an Artistic Company


"Anastase through a structured pedagogy of the Meisner method to open a real research laboratory.

he gave me the freedom to explore deeply feelings, emotions, impulses, imagination.

His benevolence and his requirement free and guide to the ability to really live a sincere relationship with a partner far from the "actors’s tricks”"

Stephan Ropert




"We started this year the workshop with Anastase-Philippe Rouillé relying mainly on the methods tested and proposed by Michael Chekhov, I confess I have always been suspicious of the methods and of M. Chekhov, I knew mostly ... the uncle.

The proposed work is very stimulating and immediately promotes real autonomy in its use. Efficiency, simplicity and good mood are at the rendezvous but everyone must do their part of the way to assimilate the contributions of the workshop by making themselves available to the proposed exercises that are often playful, always fertile and rich in sensations of play.”

Dominique Birien
Actress - Director - Director of La mine d’or Company


“Dear Philippe, 

For a while I participated to the theatrical workshops that you animated with a lot of passion. I believe that your workshops are very interesting for young actors in search of contact with the other, to develop their imagination, to put themselves at ease on a stage, to gain self-confidence and in relation to the other, to develop his artistic sensibility.

I believe you have the gift of pedagogy and the passion of the job.”

Eraldo Rizzo

Director - Comedian and Professor of Interpretation - former lecturer at the Sorbonne Nouvelle - Author of "Comedian and distancing" (Ed Harmattan)



"The encounter with the method developed by M. Chekov and gently initiated by Anastase-Philippe Rouille makes it possible efficiently to reconnect his game with the precision of the movement, and thus, helps to find the assurance of "being here "and so to find a new path to the sincerity of interpretation."

Servane Daniel

Actress - Director


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