​Week-end workshops Meisner

with Sylwia Kaczmarek

& Anastase Philippe Rouillé


This year, AZOT Studio has the honor of receiving Sylwia Kaczmarek with Anastase Philippe Rouillé,
for a series of workshops on
Meisner's technique.

These workshops will be in English, translated into French.

Anastase Philippe Rouillé

After studying Drama at the Conservatory of St Barbara in Greece, Anastase-Philippe Rouillé lives in France where he works as an actor, trainer and director since 2007.


After his training, he followed many workshops in France and in Europe. After a workshop at the Cartoucherie, he founded a training and research group on Michael Chekhov's Method, made up of professional actors and directors, whom he directed for 4 years. He also discovered Sanford Meisner's method, training with many teachers including Jack Waltzer with whom it is formed for 5 years and the Temple Actors.


He is very interested in Peter Brook's work, which he considers to be very close to Michael Chekhov’s work. He meets those comedians : Yoshi Oida, Jean Paul Denizon, Sudana Tapa and formed with them. He also works as a comedian on an adaptation of Hermann Hesse's novel "Sidharta" directed by Jean Paul Denizon and Tapa Sudana. He plays in short and feature films, several plays, through Tragedy, traditional Greek Tales, but also more contemporary forms. He is a frequent contributor to director-led projects working with Grotowski and Thomas Richard-inspired approaches, including Gunther Leshnik, Anastassia Politi and Patrck Thoraval. It sets up the AZOT Actors Studio, a place of research and development for actors and directors.


He staged : 

Elements Bacchantes  (a creation from Euripides Bacchantes)

Pauvres comores by Ibrahim Barwane

Sauvez le Clown Zigzag 

Les comptes de Nasredin Hodja.

He is currently working on a creation inspired by Shakespeare

As well as a creation inspired by a Charles Dickens tale

Sylwia Kaczmarek



Acting Teacher at Laboratorium Meisnera in Warsaw

(2012-Present), The Actors Temple in London (since 2016). Founder and teacher at ActingOnline (since 2020). President of Act 4 Art Foundation im, Meisnera.

Sylwia is currently teaching Meisner Technique for actors and elements of Meisner Technique for directors, casting directors, writers and vocalists. Apart from teaching

in acting studios in Poland and UK she's worked

in Switzerland (FOCAL) and for repertoire theater

in Katowice and Rzeszów, festivals such as Transatlantic Festival and even for businesses (Elavon, Toyota).

Sylwia's unique mix of gentle, compassionate and the same time has a firm and uncompromising style. She supports her students to expand their ability to be authentic and access their true and deep emotions in their work.

Sylwia says:
After my full time modeling career and performing in 2 feature films I decided to take acting more seriously and to train and study in the subject. I moved to London to study The Method acting (2007-09), mostly under Giles Foreman. I learned a lot. But I felt something was still missing.

Then I observed my friend participating in Meisner Technique class and I felt this is it! The students were authentic, cried and laughed for real and took me on their journey. Things were not acted, things were really happening. I've heard tfor the first time famous Meisner's quote which stile my heart and imagination:
'Acting is the ability to live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances'.

So I've joined the Actors Temple and in 2009-11 I trained under Simon Furness and Tom Radcliffe.

I returned to Poland in 2011 with no intention to teach, but other actors asked me to share what I had learned, so in 2012 I found myself teaching other people and also coming to London to observe Simon’s classes regularly. A little later in 2012, I established my own acting studio in Warsaw: the Laboratorium Meisnera.

In the meantime, I’ve also directed two projects: a 30 minute film ‘Homo Geminus’ and a 15 minute one called ‘No Easy Way Out’.




Friday from 18:00 to 22:00

Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00

Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00


Continuous training, ranging from basic training to advanced acting, depending on the level of participants.

These 9 workshops will be on the basic training of the ACTORS TEMPLE


Basic training is a part-time transformation worshop, inspired by the principles of the Meisner technique. The actors become familiar with improvisation exercises increasingly complex and sophisticated :


- Explore the power of your imagination and the ability to create dynamic and useful "circumstances" allowing you to act without effort or tension.


- Give it fully to all parts of yourself to be able to go deeper in what it means to be free and truthful on stage, on the set ... and in life.


- To become impulsive and spontaneous actors, improvisers and confident in any scenario, audition or repetition process.


- Explore the work of the scene in a way that is not subject to the constraints of "ideas" or concerns about the "text".


Actors suffer from having too much of their attention on themselves. In this state, they wait for signals, plan their responses, push for emotion and indicate. Our training aims to solve these problems so that the actors develop an ability to express themselves according to their imagination, the other actors and the requirements of the text.


At the end of basic training, the actors will have a reliable and fulfilling way to act without fear, with ease, depth and clarity, which will prepare you for life as a professional actor and for our advanced training.


This serie of 9 workshops combines improvisation exercises and scripts to guide you towards the full realization of your “instrument” game.

The structure on the 9 workshops is fluid. The actors will learn how to move from simple repetition to improvisation by introducing independent activities and imaginary circumstances.

You will learn to create inspiring, motivating and engaging circumstances that will allow you to connect deeply to your inner emotional life on stage.

We will continue this momentum by introducing the "knock at the door", exploring the feared "entrance" and how to prepare emotionally and mentally to respond instinctively rather than with "ideas". You will learn to use your imagination in a specific and targeted way to immerse yourself in a "scene" with absolute faith.

Increasingly complex relationship exercises will grow your ability to create the illusion of complex relationships, engaging your partner and your imagination.

The actors will gradually abandon the repetitions in favor of impulsive responses, thus creating a realistic dialogue essential to the development of the scenario and to the repetition processes.

The introduction of emotional preparation will teach you to prepare yourself internally for any stage or improvisation. You'll apply everything you've learned to a second set of more complex scenes.


Each workshop of the 9 workshops weekend can be followed independently of the others.

However the nine workshops form a complete whole offering a real toolbox to the actors.

We strongly advise you to follow the nine, if you have the possibility.

In order to prioritize the participants in the six workshops, we open registrations for individual workshop, one month before the beginning of the workshops for people who have not participated since the beginning.


The Meisner method this practice in couple work. It is therefore possible to integrate at any time because even if the rest of the group is already advanced, you can practice exercises corresponding to your level. However, there are very few places left. Please contact us before registering to make sure there is space


9 workshops week-end from October 2019 to June 2020 (one workshop per month).

250 euros per workshop.

A discount of 10% will be applied for registration to 9 workshops.


For those who want to do a thorough job, these courses can be coupled with a weekly training on the theme of the workshops and takes place once a week in the evening.


The training day will be announced later.

Week-end workshop Meisner with Sylwia Kaczmarek

16 hours of training : 250€ for one workshop

Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris

Email : cie.azot@live.fr

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22

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