xceptional intensive Workshops

with Sylwia Kaczmarek and Anastase Philippe Rouillé

This is a real insight to the teachings of the famous and only Sanford Meisner who for more then 50 years was developing his approach to acting focusing on being present in the moment, letting the scene partner and what’s happening in the scene affect an actor in order to produce an authentic, emotionally loaded behaviour (performance). 


Sylwia Kaczmarek who will lead this course during her 8 years of teaching practise in London, Polands, Switzerland and France has stayed devoted to the preinciples of Meisner’s approach to acting and has developed her unique caring and gentle but the same time not compromising the truth style of working with actors.

Meisner Intensive Workshop

September 21-25

 Workshop Tactics & tool for auditions-text work

October 28-30


Emotional preparation

November 30-December 2 

Meisner Intensive Workshop

September 21-25,10:00 -18:00 (30h)

In 30 hours of this workshop we will cover:

Introduction to Meisner Technique including the famous repetition exercise

Introduction to improvisations - Independent Activity exercise

Acting Tactics - how to get what I need in a scene


After completing the course an actors may

- get an access to their deep emotions

- find an ease with expressing emotions, also these which may be partly blocked in their everyday life

- increase their ability to full listening of their partner and respond to it from an honest place (authentic behaviour)

- understand principles how to plan an improvisation with using an activity

- develop the skill of being in the moment and not ingoring their partner and what they’ve got to do on the stage

- get practical acting tools (acting tactics, independent activity) which may be used effectively in actors work (auditions, film set, theatre)





Tactics / Tools for Auditions - text work

October 28-30 from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.


Diverse ways of achieving character’s objective * Mock Audition * Text Work


Acting Tactics are ways in which you get what you need (objective) in a scene or monologue. You will get a list of actable, effective tactics - strategies and I’ll teach you how to use them and then employ them in Text Work and Audition situation.


In life we spontaneously use Acting Tactics all the time butwe are often not aware, for example when we want something we may be pleading and if it doesn’t work we may try guilt-tripping and if this fails perhaps flattering. Every person has a few tactics they use in everyday life. But the problem is that your character is very probably not like you and they would be getting what they want in different waysthen you… In addition you don’t want to limit yourself as an actor to only those strategies you use in life! So your character may be using more seducing, bullying, charming and blackmailing then you. If these tactics are something you don’t use much in life you may struggle to play this part and we’ll eliminate the struggle in this course.


Another thing that is amazing about using Acting Tactics in professional work is that you will become a more flexible and directable actor with much more ease and authenticity! You know how employable such actors are? I’m sure you do.


So let’s talk about What you will learn


  • Achieve character’s objective in diverse ways

  • Audition Technique: how to understand and execute director’s or CD’s notes (even those not-actable like ‘be more sexy’ or ‘look like you overheard something yesterday’)

  • Keep your authenticity in acting and the same time perform in a varied ways (not on ‘one note’ for example only pleading through the bit chunk of the scene)

  • Using Acting Tactics will make you come across as very present on the screen/stage as you know exactly what you’re doing

  • Make your character more human (by using various methods of getting what they need)


You’ll not only gain a new skill, you’ll try it out in text work and a mock audition situation.



Day 1 & 2

Short introduction and Practising Acting Tactics 


Day 3 

Mock audition including your performance alterations using Acting Tactics  - employing them to text professional work



Emotional preparation

November 30-December 2 from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.


The skills you’ll be learning will improve your ability to emotionally prepare effectively and quickly on the stage or film set, when you’re asked to enter the scene, having come from an event which provokes a specific emotional response in you.

In order to guarantee the quality of work which is dear to us, places are limited.


We'll apply your new skills to text work, so you'll be asked to learn a short monologue (2 min) in a mechanical fashion (no interpretation, intonation). 


Emotion plays an important role in our lives, onstage and off. As actors, we seek to express emotions freely, without muscularising them and producing tension. It must be emphasised that emotion must be allowed to come into play as a result of acting (i.e. doing) and not the other way round. But there are moments in stories which demand that actors have quick and easy access to a specific ‘colour’ or emotion immediately beforehand, if they are to arrive at the proper ‘pitch’.

What we refer to as ‘emotional preparation’ requires the use of some precise acting tools if actors are to ignite in themselves emotion of the appropriate pitch. To do so, the actors must relate themselves emotionally to the character’s prior circumstances and create a bridge, betwin them and the character.


The easiest way to learn to do this is via a resource we have used since childhood -day dreaming. When something triggers a daydream, we drift off into it, living out all kinds of scenarios. When we daydream, we are really present in the situation instead of merely thinking about it. In this approach, therefore, we do not seek to derive our emotional life from personal or private experiences (often dangerous and painful approach) but rather from our imagination. 


We will aim to stimulate your imagination in such a way as to enable you to:


 – make conscious use of your imagination , so that you reach the appropriate emotional place or ‘pitch’


– express yourself fully and authentically


– explore text work using emotional preparation 

Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris or Montreuil

Email :

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22

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