Integration strategy of the actor's profession

The information day can be followed independently of the practical workshops.

But those wishing to participate in the workshops must follow the 8 workshops after following the information day.

Why 9 out of 10 comedians are leaving the job after 10 years and how do you avoid that ?

The profession of actor is a profession where competition is tough.

Many people want to make it their job, but the number of actors is much higher than the current job offer …


This leads people with the opportunity to offer work (directors, agents, casting directors, etc ...) to often go unreachable or erect barriers very difficult to cross because they do not know how respond the multitude of requests …


For a majority of comedians, there is a real misunderstanding of the steps to be taken to enter and stay in the profession.

The advice usually given to people wishing to do this job, are : take photos, a CV, a demo tape, search the net and meet the directors of castings.

Do you like this method ? Did this method bring you the fruits you were hoping for ?


What most people forget is that all these steps are only means and not the desired goal ...

And by following the advice of so many actors who do not necessarily succeed, most of them are confusing the goals and the means, and miss their real goals, not to succeed in their turn…


Thinking that the healthier the environment and the actors are fulfilled in their work, the more everyone benefits, AZOT Studio organizes a day of information to offer another point of view on our job and a healthier and fun approach and to understand it  / to enter into it.


 Day of information

  • When to start applying?

  • The real utility of com (cv, photos, demo tape) tools

  • What are the ads that we find on the net? how to answer it without wasting too much time?

  • The importance of information and how not to respond next to the plate

  • How to answer so as not to go unnoticed

  • What other steps to find work? What is the role of agents? Should we have one?

  • What is the role of an RDA? How to meet them, mistakes not to do

  • Create your network, meet people, the importance of information, talk about yourself / talk about the other

  • What makes you want to rework with a Comedian / actress(es)

  • The importance of the technique

Practical workshops


  • Set goals

  • Highlight its obstacles

  • Fool his inner saboteur

  • Make a plan by asking the different actions to put in place to reach them

  • Give yourself a date of accomplishment

  • Put into practice now

  • Evaluate the work done

  • Readjust the shot

  • Get back to work with pleasure

Location :

35, rue St Roch, 75001, PARIS

Dates :
Information days  :

dates being programmed. For any request, please contact us by email at

Practical Workshops : 

June: dates being programmed. For any request, please contact us by email at

Schedule : 

​Day of information : from 10h to 17h (with one hour break)

Practical workshops : from 10h to 17h (with one hour break)

A friday per month from November to June 


Registration :

​Information day : 100 euros

Practical workshops : 50 euros per workshop (participation in the 8 workshops is essential)

Limited places


For any further informations, you can contact us by email:

or by phone at (+33) 6 23 08 29 22.

Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris or Montreuil

Email :

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22

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