Workshops and Pre-registration

If you’ve learned how to act....  Come and learn how not to act !

All our courses can be paid in several monthly payments (10 monthly payments or more, if necessary).

In order to support actors wishing to do in-depth work, Studio AZOT offers preferential rates


- 10% to actors engaging in 2 modules


- 15% to actors engaging in 3 modules


- 20% to actors engaging in 4 or more modules




    2 weekly workshops 2900 € + Art of speech training 1250 - 10% = 3745 instead of 4150


    2 weekly workshops € 2,900 + a series of weekend workshops 2000 + Art of speech training 1,250 -15% = 5,225 instead of 6,150

    2 weekly workshops € 2,900 + 2 series of weekend workshops 4000 + Art of speech training 1,250 -20% = 6,520 instead of 8,150



Day of information - 6 hours of workshop - 100€


Or 12 hours of training: € 175 per workshop

-10% for registration to the series of 8 courses

MICHAEL CHEKHOV WEEK-END WORKSHOPS with Sarah Kane & Anastase Philippe Rouillé

Or 13 hours of training: € 250 per workshop

-10% for registration for the series of 9 courses

MEISNER WEEKEND WORKSHOPS with Jo Romero and Anastase Philippe Rouillé

Or 13 hours of training: € 250 per workshop

-10% for registration for the series of 9 courses


1 weekly workshop : 200€

2 weekly workshops : 375€

The price of the audition internships is to be subtracted from the overall price of the annual training (weekly workshops, weekend internships or the art of speech training) if we register, following the internship

For people wishing to follow an entire cycle, please pay for the first unit course. The following courses will be paid monthly if you are admitted.


Payment of the entiere workshop : 1200€


Valid for all our training courses in order to segment the regulations if necessary

Deposit payment : 100€

Deposit payment : 200€

Deposit payment : 300€

​Transfer :


If you wish, you can also pay by bank transfer to the following account number :

​Check :

You can also, if you prefer, send a French check payable to AZOT Company, at the following address : 

Pour la Compagnie AZOT
chez M.Xatart
62 rue de Buzenval
75020 PARIS

Your application have been accepted and we are happy to welcome you to the Studio AZOT's workshop/trainingship. You will find the financials details below, please read carefully :


Registrations deadline :

The number of places per workshop/training course is limited. Registrations are subject to clauses as soon as the number of candidates is reached.

Terms of payments :

The prices include the fee of the workshop and an compulsory third-party liability insurance.


Selection of candidates will be based on the date of the deposit reception or the total payment of the workshop fee.

Dealine for the full paiement will be at the begining of the first day of the workshop. If some trainees prefer to pay in instalments, they will give the balance of the workshop/training course in the form of cheques at the latest at the opening meeting.


Facilities :

In order to facilitate access to the workshops / trainings, the AZOT company, can offer, when necessary, payment facilities. If needed, please contact us.


Deposit :

You can choose to pay a deposit of 100€ or the entire course. Inscription will be validated only after the actual payment of the deposit or the entiere workshop, in the chronological order of the payments.

PayPal :

In order for us to book you a space, you can also directly pay on our website via paypal (either the 100€ deposit or the entiere workshop).

Check :

You can also, if you rather, make a payable check to the AZOT compagny,

and send it to the following adress :

Pour la Compagnie AZOT
chez M.Xatart
62 rue de Buzenval
75020 PARIS

Registration confirmation :

You'll receive a booking confirmation upon receipt of the deposit.


Withdrawal :

Registration closes 21 days before the start of the workshop. After this deadling, we may eventually accept new registrations subject to a sufficient number of places. Before this date, the registration fee will be refunded minus 50 euros for administrative costs. After this period, no refund request will be accepted. 50% of the workshop/traineeship price will be charged if the cancellation is made less than 21 days before the start of the workshop/internship. The total price of the workshop/traineeship will be kept if the cancellation is made less than 10 days before the start of the workshop/traineeship.


Workshop cancellation :

The AZOT company reserves the right to cancel the workshop in the event that the minimum number of participan is not reached or if the trainer is unable to attend due to professional or medical reasons. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Image and representation :


During the workshop, you may be asked to participate in video recordings or photographs for external promotional or information purposes. You authorize, free of charge, the distribution of said films and photographs. This authorization is valid for the duration of the training and for an additional period of twenty-five years from the expiry of this contract.

Differents cases :

If a dispute or a different could not be settled amicaly, the Tribunal de Paris will be the only competent to settle the dispute.

Further informations :

In case of absolute impediment of a trainer, Studio AZOT reserves the right to call on another experienced and trusted pedagogue. For further informations, please contact us.

Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris or Montreuil

Email :

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22

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