Open Classes AZOStudio Michael Chekhov and Meisner Paris

If you have learned to play… come and learn how to stop playing!

Open Classes Studio AZOT Michael Chekhov & Meisner Paris - Cycle 2020/2021


In order to discover our unique approach in France of the Meisner method   and the Michael Chekhov method ,

we are organizing new open classes.

Next dates:

- September 16 & 17

- September 23 & 24

- October 7 & 8

- October 21 & 22

Free entry. Reservation essential by email:

In order to continue a quality work, we will only be able to welcome a limited number of actors.

The Meisner and Michael Chekhov methods approach the game from a different and complementary point of view, and by their combination, reinforce and support each other, constituting a complete toolbox that allows to answer

to all the requirements of the acting profession.

The Meisner method:
It focuses on actively listening to the playing partner and leads the actor to respond organically and spontaneously.

to what is happening on stage, removing all the overshoot to allow for authenticity.

The Michael Chekhov method:
By a clever mixture of bodily techniques and non-intellectualized imagination, it widens the emotional, behavioral and physical register of the actor, thus allowing him to gain in freedom and flexibility in order to slip

in all kinds of roles, rooms and situations.


Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris or Montreuil

Email :

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22

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