Michael Chekhov &

Meisner Workshops




This summer 2020, AZOT Studio offers you
to combine the useful to the very pleasant …

3 weeks of workshops on the Michael Chekhov's and Meisner's methods

on the beautiful Greek island of Aegina !

AZOT Studio offers workshops on acting techniques developed by Michael Chekhov and Sanford Meisner, intended primarily for comedians already in activity, actors in training who do not find themselves in a classical training or amateurs.

Our workshops bring together a fairly large mix of levels and ages, ranging from young actors to professional actors.

Our workshops are done in such a way that each person finds a fertile ground to develop his acting and bring him to a high level.

In order to pursue our quality work, we can only accommodate a small number of actors for our weekly training.

As the group is now almost full, admission is now by interview. Contact us for more information 

The training consists in 2 weekly workshops of 4 hours, Wednesday from 11:00 to 15:00 and Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Either 8h / week with 2 breaks at Christmas and Spring, for 240 hours of training from October 2019 to June 2020.

These workshops are provided by Emel Hollocou and Tarik Jallal, professional actors, Meisner and Chekhov’s method specialists.

For those who want to do a thorough job, these courses can be coupled with a weekly training on the theme of the workshops and takes place once a week in the evening.

The training day will be announced later.


Meisner workshops

Being an actor is a religious calling because you've been given the ability, the gift to inspire humanity.


Think about that on the way to your soap opera audition.”


“Every little moment has a meaning all its own.”


“Find in yourself those human things which are universal"


Sanford Meisner

Workshops every wednesday

from 11:00 to 15:00

M.Chekhov workshops 

The essence of our work is to give. What is it that we in the theatre give ? Instead of images on canvas or in the form of statuary or music, we give our body, voice, feelings, will, imagination — we give a form of pulsating art to life itself; we give it to our characters and we give it to our audiences. Nothing, absolutely nothing remains for us save the pleasure of having given pleasure. However, it’s only by this miraculous process that our love grow and our talent fills up and renews itself »

Michael Chekhov

Workshops every thursday

from 10:00 to 14:00

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Location :

Weekly workshops : 35 rue Saint Roch, 75001 PARIS

Professional workshops : in different places at Paris

Email : cie.azot@live.fr

Tel: (+33) 6 23 08 29 22